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of new UK students

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3.1 million

page views last year

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First impressions are everything

Easy-to-use communications software to provide a bespoke introduction for your audience.

Why induct when you can Welcome? No matter what it is — the beginning of something is often the most exciting. Help capitalise on that excitement and set your people off on the right foot by providing all the information they need to know in an engaging format.

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Your digital partner

The whole system is simple to set up and administer. But our in-house team will support you every step of the way — from platform training to content building.

We do the research to understand your audience better than anyone, then build the content to make sure it hits home.

Your Welcome

It's possible to filter content for different users, this let's you provide a truly customisable experience to your audience and ensure the information they receive is the information they need.

Full traceability

You can track how much of each Welcome a user has completed, this is essential for compliance and helps ensure that important information has been read and understood.

Instant feedback

A simple survey feature is built in to the Welcome platform. This enables you to measure the effectiveness of your content to help with continual improvements and/or sharing success with external stakeholders.

Power in numbers

Welcome is used by organisations across the UK to help make a first impression with impact.


of new UK students use Welcome before starting university


Welcome modules sent to users

3 million+

page views in the past 12 months

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