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Wallscourt Common Room - Now Open!

By UWEaccomm 27 Oct 2021

Hello Wallscourt Park Residents,

Your common room is now open, you'll find it at the bottom of Wallscourt block 3!

There's lot for you to enjoy including ....

  • A kitchen with complimentary hot drinks - please remember to tidy up after yourself if you use these facilities
  • A TV with a PS4 & Nintendo switch games that you can borrow from N-Block Accommodation Customer Service Desk. Please bring your SID card along to the Customer Service desk if you wish to borrow a console
  • Free pool table - tokens can be found on the shelf behind the table
  • Ping Pong table - this is to be used outside - instructions for use can be found on the table
  • Board games - these are for everyone to enjoy so please don't take them out of the common room
  • Retro gaming table

The common room is your space to enjoy, but we ask that you do not take any of the items from the common room into your flats.

´╗┐Please note the Common Room is open from 07:00 - 23:00 daily.


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