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Statement from South Wales Police on drug safety

By JForrester 23 Nov 2020

You may have seen the incredibly sad news reports from South Wales relating to the deaths of a 25 year old man and an 18 year old University student over the past few days. South Wales Police are currently investigating the possibility that Ketamine may have been a factor in the deaths and have issued the following statement.

‘Users of controlled drugs are once again reminded that they should be aware that they can never be 100% sure of exactly what they are taking.

These drugs are illegal and there is every possibility that they may contain a cocktail of toxic ingredients.’

This follows the tragic deaths of four young people in Newcastle last month. Police are investigating Ketamine and MDMA as contributing factors in these deaths.

Please also be reminded that mixing drugs and alcohol can be extremely dangerous. The effects will be exaggerated and it could prove fatal.

For more information and advice and to find out how to get help if you need it, please read our drugs and alcohol – reducing the risk blog post.

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