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SPACED! Free Advice & Support on Drugs & Alcohol

By JForrester 01 Aug 2021

Coming back to university after the holidays, or starting as a brand new fresher, is a really fun time with a lot of socialising and nights out with housemates and friends!

However, sometimes we might need some support and guidance if things have gone too far. Having a good time doesn’t mean causing harm to ourselves, and we want to support all students to have safe social lives.

If you, or a friend, needs to seek some help, we have a new free specialist service called SPACED.

Accessing help and support

SPACED is a service for students who are experiencing problems with alcohol and drugs use. If you need help, you can access specialist one-to-one support on-campus for free.

This service is provided by the South Gloucestershire drug and alcohol service, Developing Health and Independence (DHI).

To access this help, you can call DHI on 01454 868750 (Freephone 0800 073 3011) and complete a short telephone assessment. You will be offered six one-to-one sessions no matter where you are living, and appointments will be made at a convenient time and location for you (on or off campus).

You can find more information at

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