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#Plastic Free July

By JForrester 01 Jul 2021

Its plastic free July! Even if you can't go completely plastic free if we all make one small change, together we can make a huge difference. What can you commit to this July?

Here are our 10 handy hints and tips on how to reduce your plastic usage.....

1. Use a reusable bottle or cup

Try saying goodbye to disposable coffee cups and bottles of water. There are hydration stations all over campus where you can fill up your bottle.

Buying a metal thermos, coffee cup or water bottle is a great way of being sustainable. Here is why:

  • Metal does take more energy to mine and manufacture however this is offset by the life span of the product. Metal water bottles have a much longer life span than plastic bottles for example.
  • Metal is 100% recyclable.
  • Metal containers will also keep for drink hot or cold for longer.

2. Say no to plastic fruit and veg bags in the supermarket

Next time you're in the supermarket ask yourself 'do I really need that bag?' There's nothing stopping you from putting your fruit and veg loose into your basket or buying reusable bags.


3. Shop at  zero-waste shops

Take your own containers to zero-waste shops and cut out all that unnecessary packaging. With our zero waste shop in the SU block on campus, this couldn't be easier!

a store shelf filled with books

4. Shop in plastic free shops

A quick google search will bring up loads of plastic free shops, next time you need to make a purchase that would usually contain plastic, see if you can find an alternative.

Here's 3 websites to get you started...

a knife sitting on top of a wooden table

5. Swap your plastic toothbrush for a wooden toothbrush

You will use around 300 toothbrushes in your lifetime! That's a lot of toothbrushes going into landfill - so making this change will make a big difference. You can also try and source recyclable heads for your electric toothbrush -

6. Ditch plastic squeezy bottles, go for glass instead, then reuse them

It may be tempting to go for the plastic squeezy jar of honey, but try going for the glass jar instead. Glass is better for the environment and our bodies. Not only can you reuse jars afterwards to store food and other items, but you can save yourself money by making this swap. You can pay up to double by buying a squeezy bottle instead of glass jar.

a table full of food

7. Switch to a bar of soap instead of liquid

You can even buy shampoo and conditioners in bars. Not only is buying a bar better for the planet but there are also some amazing bars full of natural ingredients that will make your shower-time a dream!

You could support local business and treat yourself to a soap from The Bristol Artisan or try LUSH for a soap packed full of wonderful organic ingredients, but don't forget in the supermarket you'll also find soap bars for only a £1 that will do the job just as well!

soap bar

8. Use reusable shopping bags

Canvas tote shopping bags are everywhere and can cost as little as a £1 or just use your rucksack!

a net bag

9. Have a plastic-free period

Traditional period products are full of plastic, which is not great for you or the environment. Check out City to Sea's guide on Plastic Free Periods for more information on having a sustainable period.

10. Pass on your knowledge

Let people know about the changes you're making and inspire others with your actions, you could do this by simply chatting to a friend or reach a bigger audience by writing about it in social media or in a blog. 

friends chatting in woods

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