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Health and Wellbeing

My drink spike reality

By kpeters 15 Nov 2016

I'd heard about it on the news and seen it discussed on social media but I never thought I would become a victim of drink spiking.

I assumed you'd have to be pretty unlucky or foolish to become a target, but I was very wrong.

There's been a recent rise in the occurrence of drink spiking, and now I have learnt first hand what it's like...

Admittedly, when I buy a drink it’s usually gone so fast that there’s never really time to put it down (not something I'd encourage). On this occasion, however, I was at a house party with friends, and unfortunately getting caught up in the night meant I occasionally lost sight of my drink.

The party turned into a pre-drinks for our usual grimy Saturday night, and as everyone headed into town I remember losing control of my speech and emotions, and became a 'mess' after 2 drinks. Needless to say, I don’t remember getting to the club – or the pub we apparently went in beforehand. 

The result?

I ended up unresponsive on the street, which required my friends to carry me to a taxi. This was followed by uncontrollable teeth grinding and hallucinations of strangers- in an almost empty room, whilst thinking I was in a fit state to head back to the club. Not exactly what I'd had planned.

Despite the experience leaving me traumatised and feeling incredibly nauseous the following day, I'm fortunate against others who have suffered much more serious consequences after ending up in hospital.

My advice?

  • Keep your drink with you and covered up at all times
  • Avoid punch bowls. You can never be sure how strong it is or if anyone has secretly slipped something in
  • Don't be complacent because 'spikers' don't discriminate. They target both males and females so you can NEVER be too sure

For me, the sad reality is that you should only trust yourself where drink is concerned. Even if you leave your beverage with a friend, who's to say they won't accidentally put it down? 

While spiking is commonly associated with theft and sex, unfortunately sometimes it can be a practical joke...with very serious consequences.