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Moving in - useful maps

By JForrester 10 Aug 2021

We know moving to a new place can be difficult especially when your moving to somewhere as big at UWE, here are a few maps to help make moving in that little bit easier.

Confused Mountain GIF by Lidl Voyages

Frenchay Campus 

Frenchay Campus Map


👇Download the map below 👇

Frenchay-Campus-Map.pdf (811KB)

Wallscourt Accommodation Map

👇Download the map below 👇

Wallscourt_Park_2.pdf (40KB)

Abbeywood Shopping Map

Glenside Campus

Glenside Campus Map


👇Download the map below 👇

Glenside_campus_map.pdf (1198KB)

Glenside Shopping Map 

👇Download the map below 👇

Fishponds_shopping_map.pdf (85KB)

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