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Life Hacks for Exam Season

By FrenchayRAs 13 Apr 2021

1. Have a clear schedule

Set out time for what you’re going to study when. Being organised with a schedule will help stop you having to cram the night before the exam. Cramming is not only stressful but also not a productive way of learning. As long as you dedicate enough time to each module, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Remember the motto: little and often.

2. Look after yourself

Focusing on exams doesn’t mean other parts of your life should slip. Give yourself time in the morning for a good breakfast before you study. The same goes for lunch and dinner. Also it’s important to have regular breaks from the computer screen so stretch your legs every once in a while by filling up your water bottle or making a cup of tea.

3. Make sure you get enough sleep!

This is probably one you have heard before, but it is crucial when it comes to surviving and acing your exams. A lack of sleep can impair your memory, which would put all of those countless hours of revision to waste.

4. Revision notes

Write revision notes for each module in a different colour. Not only does colourful notes look aesthetically pleasing, but it also will help your memory. This is because you will learn to associate the colour with the certain module. It will also help you not get your notes mixed up.

5. Work out the surroundings that will help you study to your best ability.

a book shelf filled with books

If you find yourself being distracted easily by other people, stick to the quiet or the silent floor of the library or your room. If you find yourself being distracted by your phone while studying on your own, go to the Atrium or the Group study floor of the library. Or form a study group with your friends from your course so you can all help each other focus.

6. Another way to keep yourself off your phone is to download the app Forest.

Its a procrastination busting app that lets you plant a seed to grow a tree while you’re not using your phone. If you pick up your phone before the timer runs out, the tree dies. The more productive you are, the bigger your forest grows!

7. Reward yourself for hitting revision goals.

Revising for exams is hard work, so you need to feel like there’s some reward at the end of it. Before you start, set targets and goals and promise yourself a treat for hitting them. E.g. going for a coffee with your pals or ordering dominoes.

8. Finally, remember why you’re doing this!

Exam Season can sometimes feel like never-ending torture but it’s all worth it in the end! Think of your bigger picture goals and how proud of yourself you will feel when you accomplish what you set out to.

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