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#International Students - Price guide

By JForrester 10 Sep 2021

We thought it might be useful for you to know the average price of things in the UK before you get here so that you know what to expect...

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Here are some other things to be aware of...

  1. Cash machines (ATMs)
    In the UK, most cash machines are free to use if you have a UK bank account but some will charge a fee to withdraw money. It will always tell you on the screen how much you will be charged. It's important that you set up a UK bank account as soon as you can. It might be worth setting up a monzo card or revolut card, these are great travel card that you can exchange currencies on for free, although other banks might be more suitable for long term travel.
  2. Tipping
    It is not expected in the UK as it is in other countries. Most people leave a tip after a meal (about 10%) but don't feel obliged to if the service isn't very good.
  3. Student discount
    You will get student discount in most shops, usually around 10% but sometimes more, so whenever you are heading out shopping take your UWE student card with you.
  4. Variety of prices
    If you are visiting different areas of the UK, you should be aware that the cost of living varies depending on where you are. London prices are usually higher than most cities and places like Leeds and Newcastle are much cheaper, so expect a difference for food/drinks/travel the more you move around.