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How to help the environment and save money

By shodgson 05 Jun 2022

The environment is beautiful and important, but it can’t save itself.

You don’t have to be a major activist in order to make meaningful differences which will amount over time. Here are 5 ways, as a student, that you can start making a positive impact on the world today.

1. Don't overbuy on food
We’re all guilty of producing food waste from time to time but buying what you know you will actually use is a sure-fire way to decrease it. If you have leftover food that can’t be stored to enjoy on another day why not offer your spares to friends, a homeless shelter or a food bank?

My main tip here would be to make the most out of your freezer too as many foods can be frozen to increase their longevity such as bread, milk and doughs, as well as meats and cheese.

a person putting food in a bin

2. Look at markets to decrease your plastic consumption 
If you’re a person who eats lots of fruits and veg, going to a market may be a fun experience as well as one which will be good for the planet. At the market, you can buy the produce that you want at a good quality minus the plastics and any harmful store shelf chemicals.

3. Be conscious about using surplus water
Many people keep the tap running throughout the entire duration of brushing their teeth. If you do this, why not do so with the plug in the sink if you find it necessary? This way you can use a cup to take the water out and use it for things such as watering plants.

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4. Turn off your electricals when you aren’t using them
Not only is this a good safety precaution, but it’s also great for the planet. If you aren’t using your charger, why not switch it off? And if you’re going out why not switch off your overhead lights? It takes a matter of seconds to switch plugs off but if everyone in the world did it just imagine the impact that would be made.

5. Think before you buy and think about where you buy
I’ve discovered that there are great deals to be found in my city, including free stuff. Throughout my duration at university, I have found so many lovely free things including comfy jumpers, a Christmas tree and a luggage case which are all in great condition.

I also went to vintage sales to look at old fashioned dresses which make me feel unique and like I’ve stepped out of another era. Before you splurge on something brand new just take a moment to decide whether you truly need it in new condition in order to get the best use out of it.

clothes on hangers

Making changes doesn’t have to be hard. Even if today you decide to be more conscious about only switching off your overhead lights when you go out, each little change can lead to big results.

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