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Help! Who will I be living with at uni?

By UWEaccomm 18 Aug 2020

It's got to be one of the biggest questions on your mind right now! Who will I be living with at Uni?

Well there are a couple of ways to find out ......

  1. To find your new best buddies and future flatmates, join your HallsLife Facebook group. The Facebook groups are split into each accommodation area, so you can meet students who will be living in your area.
  2. You could also join the official UWE Fresher 2020 Facebook Group, this group is run by the Students' Union, so you could potentially meet other students on your course as well as those living on campus
  3. Be sure to check out Ellie's article on how to use social media to settle into Fresher's life for some top tips on utilising social media before the big move!

If you choose to use any social media to find flatmates, please remember that the majority of these sites are public and anyone can view your name and possibly your address online, including other personal details.

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