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HallsLife Craft Club - Mini Zen Garden Edition

By JForrester 13 Apr 2021

Sunday 16th May

Its exam season, so HallsLife and the Feel Good Team have come together to bring you a super relaxing Sunday Craft Club. 

Originally Zen Gardens or Japanese Rock Gardens were created by Buddhist Monks in the 16th Century to aid meditation. Obviously we can't make full size gardens, so we'll be having a go at some super cute mini gardens, perfect for your windowsills or even your desks. Most Zen gardens are dry and you'll find things like stones, gravel and sand and faux foliage. Many people find that tending to their Zen gardens promote stress relief and relaxation, help with meditation and with creativity, not to mention they look fab! You can even find Zen gardens on ASMR soundtracks as many people report the sound to be so soothing.

We will be providing some basic features of zen gardens including - the base, sand, rakes, foliage, stones, temples and Buddhas but you can get as creative as you like by sourcing your own materials to add to ours. Have a look here at some examples.

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How it works ...

  1. Sign ups now full - contact UWE Accommodation if you want to take part
  2. We'll send you a slot to come along to the Farmhouse and pick up your equipment on Sunday 16th May
  3. If the weather is OK we will set up some outdoor space for you to enjoy the activity with others (coronavirus restrictions permitting), if not you can log onto our Discord Server and take part virtually
  4. Tag or send us your creations ( @UWEHallsLife) and you could be in with a chance of winning a £20 Uber Eats, Green Turtle or Mrs Potts Voucher

Some inspiration  .... 

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