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Get food boxes delivered to your door!

By JForrester 12 Jul 2021

The University’s catering and hospitality department are providing nutritious, sustainable and locally sourced food on campus.

The box system supports you with sourcing essential grocery and fresh produce direct to the door. Take advantage of next day delivery and good value seasonal offers.

Safe, convenient food shopping is just one click away.

Store Cupbard items in a box


Selection of 10 tins, jars and dried food.

Tinned: Tomatoes, Tuna, Beans, Soup Jars: Pasta Sauce, Curry Sauce, condiments
Dried: Pasta, Rice, Noodles, Oats

Fresh Fruit & Veg Box - £13.50

Fresh Fruit and veg

A delicious mix of 3 fruit, including bananas and 7 seasonal varieties of veg.

7 Day Box - £40.00 

Store Cupbard items in a box  

Boxed Cereal Variety Pack (8), Apples & Satsumas (6)

Noodles Pot (2), Sliced Bread, Baked Beans (2), Selection of Soup (3)

Pasta 500g, Rice 250g (2), Tomato Pasta Bake Sauce, Tin Chopped Tomatoes, Tinned Meatballs, Chicken Curry & Rice, Shepherd’s Pie, Tinned Tuna (2)  Vegetarian Chilli & Rice, Tin Sweetcorn, Tin Peas

Fruit & Nut Shot Bag (2), Pack of Biscuits, Flapjack Bar

Tea, Coffee & Sugar, UHT Milk 1l (2), Water 500ml (4)

Travel Size Shampoo, Conditioner & Shower Gel, Hand Sanitiser, Toilet Roll (4)

Large Treat Box - £24.00

sweets and treats in a box

17 items picked from a range of stock including,
Sweets, Biscuits, Crisps, Chocolate & Cake

Range of feminine hygiene products

Tampax (10)

Sanitary towels – Selection of Normal & Night-Time (12)
Toilet roll (1 x 4)

selection of haribo sweets, walkers crips and lareg chocolate bar

Cadbury Dairy Milk (1 x 95g)

Haribo Sweets (3 x 160g)

Walkers Crisp multi pack (6 x 25g)

bread, milk and fruit in a box

White sliced bread (1)

Fresh Fruit selection (7)

Semi skimmed milk 1 litre (2)

bathroom items in a box

Tooth Brush (1) & Toothpaste (1) Disposable razors (5) Toilet roll (4) Cosmetic cotton pads (80) Cotton buds (100) Condoms (6)

Ingredients to bake a cake

Includes; flour, egg, caster sugar, baking powder, butter and jam. Recipe card, 2 paper case tins, 5 decorative toppings and frosting.

See the full catalogue here.