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Finding your second year house

By ESussex 15 Nov 2021

So after Fresher's and once you've settled into uni life, you will probably start thinking about securing your housemates and house for second year. 

Rule number 1 is don't rush!!!!!

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This includes not rushing into finding housemates when you first start uni, as you don't know these people well enough to decide if you are compatible yet! 
Don't rush into getting a house before Christmas either. "All the good houses will be gone by Christmas" is a myth so pls slow down. 

Establish everyone’s requirements/budgets

Before you attend any house viewings, you must all determine a budget and any requirements for the house, (e.g. £450 inc bills, 5 bedrooms, around Gloucester road). This will make looking for houses a lot easier as you know what you are looking for. Remember when determining budgets, some landlords include bills in the rent and others don't. Always try and get bills included as it's so much less hassle and usually works out cheaper.

Location, location, location

Where you decide to live does actually matter, I would recommend living on or around Gloucester Road. This is a great location to live in your second year as you are still close to uni, but you are close to the city centre and surrounded by independent shops, restaurant, pubs and bars. However, if you want to live closer to uni then I would recommend living on Filton Avenue. Obviously, if you want to live in the city you should, however be aware that if you have a 9am lecture you will have to leave extremely early to make it on time.

House Viewings
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Don't get a house without viewing it !!! Try and ensure all of the housemates view the house before securing it, if this is not possible then you should take plenty of pictures and video a house tour when you attend the viewing. Also, try to speak to the current housemates. They’ll be able to tell you the things that you won’t find out otherwise, such as whether the property suffers from damp, and whether the landlord or letting agent is easy to get in touch with if issues arise. Findin 

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Don’t panic!
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Finally, don’t panic! At the end of the day, you will find somewhere to live, you’re not going to be homeless! House hunting can be a stressful experience for everyone but it is also very rewarding. It will give you key skills and experiences so when you have to house hunt again in the future you’ll know what to look out for. Just enjoy the experience and look forward to living in your new house!

Tips for when you first move into your second-year house

  • When you first move in, make sure you don't sign an inventory until you see the house and amend it if necessary
  • Take pictures of all the faults around the house as the landlord/agents will usually try and keep as much of your deposit as possible.
  • If something isn’t working that needs to be, or if the property is dirty and left in a poor state,  then contact your landlord or estate agent as soon as you realise. Don't be afraid to speak up if something is wrong with the house!!

Happy house hunting!