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Don't know what to cook with your ingredients?

By ESussex 01 Oct 2021

If you have lots of random ingredients in your kitchen and you're not really sure what you can make with them, then here is a solution for you! 

Annoyingly, we all have leftover food and ingredients that we never get to use in our kitchens. There are many apps and websites that allow you to put in all of your ingredients and they will suggest recipes and dishes you can create with them. This helps you create less waste, and to make the most of what you already have. These apps/websites are also useful if you, (like most freshers), are learning how to cook. Here are a few of my favourite: 

  1. Supercook - this is a fab website that lets you check off the ingredients you already have, and they’ll start you off with a lot of recipes, and then ask you if you have more specific ingredients to get you some more options. The suggestions are great because you probably have more ingredients than you thought and there are some great meals in your cupboards just waiting to get out.
  2. BigOven - Either use their website or download their app onto your phone. Check out the 'Ideas' section to browse through meal inspiration. There you’ll find categories like “Use Up Leftovers,” which shows recipes based on reusing ingredients. This app also has a 'Planner' section, which lets you come up with dishes for the future so you’re not stuck trying to compose a meal with random ingredients again.
  3. Sidechef - This app is great for finding recipes, and if you don't have any of the ingredients on the list, it allows you to create a shopping list ready for your next shop! 
  4. BBC Good Food - With over 10,00 recipes, you are sure to find a recipe for you on their website or app. 

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