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Dangerous Drugs Warning - Cannabis Edibles

By JForrester 16 Aug 2021

Avon & Somerset Police have advised that Cannabis Edibles containing Synthetic Cannabinoids have been seized in the South West of England.

A commonly used name for synthetic cannabinoids in and around Bristol is Spice.
Spice is not cannabis it is a man-made product designed to work on the same receptors in the brain as cannabis and mimic the effects of THC (psycho-active ingredients in cannabis) although this is not the reality for many people.
Some of the reported side effects of using Spice laced products are palpitationsparanoiaanxiety, vomitingconfusion, poor coordinationseizures and  death.  

Start Low and Take It Slow, Avoid Mixing Substance and Allow 2 hours before taking any more - If you would like to discuss this further or any other drugs including alcohol issues contact UWE Wellbeing and ask for a harm reduction appointment with SPACED @SPACED_DHI 

Written by Becky Risley Senior Drug & Alcohol Practitioner DHI at UWE Wellbeing

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