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Circuit Laundry

By JForrester 16 Aug 2021

The laundry facilities in UWE accommodation are provided by Circuit Laundry. You will need to sign up to the app or collect a top-up card to use the laundry facilities. You can collect a top-up card from your Customer Service Desk in the Student Village/Wallscourt or from your Resident Assistant if you live in the Hollies and Glenside.

Guides on how to use Circuit Laundry and contact details can be found here.

Laundry facilities can be found in the following areas ......

Student Village

  • Mendip Pavilion
  • Quantock Pavilion
  • Brecon pavilion


  • At the bottom of block 3, opposite the entrance to block 2
  • Next to the Wallscourt Park Customer Service Desk


  • Beside the entrance to H-block


  • Beside the entrance to block 2

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