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#Alcohol Awareness Week - 7 things you WON'T miss about alcohol

By JForrester 15 Nov 2021

Who said you can't be proud to be a quitter?

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Here are just some of the benefits and things you definitely won't miss:

1. The most obvious but important one, you'll save yourself a lot of money! It's no secret how expensive alcohol can be so 31 days without it will make your bank account look a lot healthier.

2. Nobody enjoys waking up after a night out with no memory of what they did even though everyone is telling you, "you were hilarious last night" - cringe. 

people holding drinks

3. Can you imagine a whole month hangover free? You will wake up feeling fresh as a daisy whilst the rest of your mates are hibernating in bed all day and feeling pretty rough. 

4. Now that you aren't drunk at the end of the night, you won't be at all interested in a greasy kebab on the way home. Instead, you can just go home to your cosy bed and eat a nice breakfast in the morning. 

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5. Nobody likes getting alcohol stains on your clothes from spending too much time around drunk people. The time when someone dropped a blue WKD on your favourite top is still a touchy subject. Maybe miss the club night this week!

6. Alcohol isn't the healthiest drink in the world so after you've indulged in a bit too much, being out of breath after the tiniest bit of exercise isn't great.

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7. No more drunk-dialling your ex - now that's a relief. It's a stupid thing we always think is a good idea when we've had a drink but you can't imagine worse than doing it sober. 

Where do we sign up? It isn't too late to get involved, head to the Alcohol Awareness Week webpage.