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Top ten cooking ingredients - the essentials!

By BzSarah 04 Mar 2015

If you are planning on cooking for yourself (which you probably should be unless you're going catered) then read on for some words of wisdom...

There are some essential things you will need to be the base for most meals - these should ALWAYS be in your cupboard!

  • PASTA - Whether it’s spaghetti, pasta, fusilli, macaroni…it doesn’t matter. Takes about 15 minutes to boil and has the carbs you need in a balanced diet.
  • GARLIC – Break off the cloves as and when you need them, and if it’s kept in your cupboard where it’s cool and dark, it will last around 6 weeks.
  • ONIONS – Everyone's favourite eyewatering vegetable! You’ll use them a lot, so make sure you’ve got two or three in your cupboard. They’ll last about two weeks.
  • HERBS – You can really get into herbs (legal ones!!) as they each add their own flavour to your dishes, and can really boost an ordinary meal. But, as we’re on a budget, we’ve just got a packet of mixed dried herbs. Because they’re dried, they’ll last ages. 
  • TIN OF CHOPPED TOMATOES – Always useful to have. A quick fix for spag bol and lasagne.
  • STOCK CUBES – Whether they’re veg, chicken or beef, these are useful. Just crumble them into a bowl, add boiling water and stir. They’ll add flavour to your dishes and soups.
  • OLIVE OIL – One thing you should try and spend a bit of money on, as a good one will make a lot of difference to your cooking. You’ll only use a small bit at a time so it’ll keep.
  • SALT & PEPPER – Whenever you boil rice, pasta or potatoes, you’ll need a pinch of salt in there and you can season your food when you eat.
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