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Top 6 LinkedIn profile pictures you should avoid

By BzSarah 04 Mar 2015

Unlike your Facebook or Twitter profile your LinkedIn pic should show you up in a professional light, as opposed to a massive socialite!

Here are the top 6 things you should be sure to avoid when taking a professional shot:

  1. Grainy or pixelated - if your picture is unclear (even if you were going for an arty vibe) it doesn't give off the right message. If you are going to crop yourself out of a larger picture don't stretch it (too much anyway) as the distorted look isn't in fashion for jobseekers.
  2. The epic selfie - who knew that word would make it into the dictionary?! Despite the selfie's reign of fame don't make your profile pic look like you took it yourself, with your arm or camera clearly visible - although you may be pleased with attempt number 26 it screams unprofessional. Try a self timer....... or get someone else to take it?
  3. Poorly lit - This goes back to not wanting to have a grainy or pixilated image..... even if the photo comes out well, you probably don’t want to have a dramatic or shadowy image to represent you professionally unless you work in the performing arts.
  4. Inappropriate for your industry - If you want to work in a creative industry it's ok to have a pic that shows you can think outside of the box, but be careful aim for Coco Chanel rather than Coco the Clown. 
  5. Black and White for no reason - a classic monochrome pic can look great, but don't take a regular photo and filter it to death it can look very obvious. When it comes to professional shots it's always best to see things as they are, rather than what you were trying to go for.
  6. Party pic - needless to say a photo of you amongst a large group of people with drink in hand doesn't reassure a potential employer that you will be in the office for 9am every day. Obviously it's good to be social, but think about how you want to portray yourself given one shot to show yourself as a young career seeking professional. 
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