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Problems with your Wi-Fi connection?

By BzAimee 17 Mar 2016

If your Wi-Fi is intermittent, try switching off all the devices below when they aren't in use.

It can make your broadband connection stronger and speedier!



Personal routers


Wireless Speakers

Video senders

Audio headsets


Analog audio systems (radios)




The main culprit...personal routers

You might think that by setting up your own router and access points that you're creating separate private connections, but by doing this you're actually creating more 'traffic.' This can cause connectivity interruptions for everyone sharing the wireless network.

By connecting your wireless-ready devices directly to the StudentCom network or with an Ethernet cable, the traffic flow on the network will run with fewer interruptions.

Also, be aware of using too many bandwidth-hogging services (sites like Spotify, Netflix, BitTorrent) and when you've finished using the program make sure you shut it down properly as it could still be running in the background even if you've closed the window, which will make your Wi-Fi slower. 


  • Set your DNS & IP Address to "auto negotiate"
  • Clear the Cache
  • Check your homepage box is filled in rather than blank e.g
  • Turn off your Windows Firewall

If you're still struggling with your Wi-Fi, or have more questions on how to make your connection faster, contact StudentCom.

Twitter: StudentComHelp
Help and support page:

They’re open 24/7!