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What it's (realistically) like living in halls

By JordanBrowzer 07 Aug 2019

Amy's Blog

Moving into halls soon?

Have a read about my experience and you'll know what sort of things to expect... 

Let me start by saying that moving into halls was the best decision I made about going to uni. I was initially really worried because I had taken a gap year so thought I may be older than everybody else. I chose a large hall of residence so that I would have plenty of chance to meet lots of different people.

Sharing a flat with 5 other people wasn't always easy and came with its challenges. 

Everyone's experience with halls vary and I do feel like I was lucky. I did move rooms in Freshers Week due to some maintenance problems and was very grateful for the support that was there within the accommodation that allowed me to do that. If you're struggling, you must speak up - someone will always listen! 

Despite paying a lot of money to live in halls, I think it was worth it because the people are what made it for me. We didn’t need to spend a fortune on socialising because we were there with each other constantly. 

My favourite thing about living in halls? It sounds weird but just sitting in each other’s rooms. Because you all live so close together it's great - for me, this was such a novelty because I live in a tiny village and can’t just nip round to my friend's house. One of my friends said to me, it’s like having a year-long sleepover. And it is!

It’s an experience incomparable to anything I'd had before. You have so much freedom but you also feel so safe with the accommodation security so it really was the best of both worlds!

I met 5 amazing girls that I will be living with next year, I met my boyfriend and so many other amazing people that I will be friends with for life.

...and I hope your experience is just as great too! 

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