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What is sport really like at uni?

By JordanBrowzer 29 Jul 2019

Ever wondered what it's really like to join a sports team before you go to Sheffield Hallam? Well, here are your answers to what you can expect...

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First Steps
Within the first week of uni, you will probably get an overload of info about all the clubs, sports, activities and societies on campus.

You may already have your heart set on a particular team which is great. If not don’t worry, you have loads of options. Routes into different sports teams may be easier than others, teams such as rugby and netball may require you to enter trials. Don’t let the trials put you off though as they tend to have a number of teams to suit every ability!  

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So you’ve signed up, completed the trials and got yourself a place on the team… well done! Now onto the initiations…

We’ve all heard the horror stories about these but what is the reality facing you?

Despite a number of universities banning the initiation process they do still widely take place. There will, of course, be vast differences between each team, but one thing to expect is there will be activities designed to embarrass freshers. Hey, it's all good fun, however, if you’re not comfortable taking part then don’t!

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When you are part of a sports team at uni this will almost certainly be your favourite day every week. It’s BUCS day!

You'll spend Wednesdays competing against rival universities in the BUCS league by day; attending sports team socials by night! What’s not to like??

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Above all of the social aspects of uni sport is the fact that it is actually taken extremely seriously. You will be training regularly and the standard seen in most of the BUCS leagues is incredibly high so expect full-blooded games every single week.

There’s nothing quite like returning from a victorious away trip against a rival university!

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It has been shown that sport at university improves your employability once you graduate.

In a 2013 study, more than 9 in 10 employers recognised a positive correlation between participation in sport at uni and valuable skills in the workplace. Besides the obvious things like teamwork and leadership, it can also greatly improve your organisational skills.

The same study showed that engagement in sport at uni will see you earn £5,800 more a year… surely that’s worth it on its own!   

Being part of a sports team opens you up to a huge social circle and gives you a real sense of belonging. At a time when you’re trying to settle into a new environment, the importance of this can not be overstated, and friendships that will be formed for life.

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When you start at Hallam there can be a real sense of ‘tiny little fish in a giant pond’. Join a sports team and make yourself that bit bigger!