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THE apps for moving to Sheffield

By JordanBrowzer 06 Aug 2019

Moving away from home can undoubtedly be one of the most exciting things to happen to you - but it can be pretty daunting too!

Surrounded by new faces in a new and busy environment is overwhelming, and that's why we want to make it a little bit easier. No, not just by using Google Maps - there is more to life...

  1. Maps.Me (Android / iPhone) 
    For when you need to find your way. 

    It works offline so will save some panicking if you're struggling to get signal or your battery's about to give up. It'll give you real-time updates and route instructions for all your public transport troubles. 
  2. GPS Find me! (Android) / Find My Friends (iPhone)
    For when you or your friends are completely lost.

    If you're really having problems with directions or can't describe to a friend where you are - let them do the hard work! But be warned, you can't lie and tell them you've set off but are actually still in bed...
  3. Browzer (Android / iPhone)
    For everything happening at SHU and in Sheffield!
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    Packed full of the latest news, guides to the city, offers, events and info at Sheffield Hallam. We'll have plenty to keep you entertained for freshers 2018 including new deals, nights out, info on what to bring and what to expect, useful tips, hacks and advice.
  4. Red Panic Button (Android) / Panik (iPhone) 
    For when it's an emergency.

    In the touch of a button these alarms siren to alert anyone that you're in trouble. You can store contacts and pre-written messages to be sent to friends and loved ones in an instant. Hopefully, you'll never have to use it but it's good to have.
  5. Open Table (Android iPhone)
    For when you're feeling hungry.

    In a new city, it's hard to know which restaurants are close by, cheap and good. Download this app and it does all the hard work for you, plus if you've got a Tinder date, you'll know where to go.
  6. SHUgo (Android / iPhone)
    For Sheffield Hallam on the go!
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    SHUgo brings Shuspace, the University's student portal to your phone. Access your uni email, view your timetable and grades, top up your SHUcard, book a PC, search the Library Catalogue and more! 
  7. Companion (Android / iPhone)
    For when you're walking home late.

    It's always best to walk with a group, but if that can't be helped for, ask another friend to be your companion! It'll let them see where you are and most importantly if you stop. Make sure you always get home safe and sound.
  8. Buddy Check (iPhone)
    For when you go wandering off on a night out.

    Whether it's you or your bestie, you can guarantee it's always going to happen. Bump phones with your friends before you head out and you'll be able to track them. Just try not to bump people you don't know - that's a bit awkward. 

Finding it hard to get to grips with living in a new city is understandable, but with these apps it'll make your life a bit easier!