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LIV Student's 5 best things about being a student in Sheff

By JordanBrowzer 01 Aug 2019

Because being a student in Sheffield is totally awesome...

Where to even start with Varsity?

Varsity is an annual sports event held in March where both universities compete against each other in a variety of sports. You'll battle for points in everything from Equestrian to Ice Hockey! There's lots of face paint, pom poms and chants with the city coming to a halt for 2 whole weeks of sporting madness - it's AMAZING!! You don't have to compete or be sporty to take part as spectators have the best time too!

There's SOOO much to do!

  • Take a trip to the peaks or one of the many central green spaces
  • Visit one of the beautiful art galleries (most of them are free but may request a small donation)
  • Shopping - the town centre is full of quirky independent shops, but if you're looking for something a little more mainstream Meadowhall Shopping Centre is the one for you!
  • Places to eat - Sheffield has some amazing cafes, bars & restaurants and here are a few of LIV Student's faves - give them a go, you won't regret it!:

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The Green City

Being the UK's 5th biggest city, Sheffield has some things to boast about, including the fact that 60% of the city is made up of green space! There are plenty of parks and public gardens to relax in.

Your money goes a long way!

Sheffield is ranked the 5th most affordable city to live in as a student!

The good old people of Sheffield

The weather might be a little grim up north, but the people aren't. Sheffield is a super diverse, friendly city which is home to around 60,000 students. It really is the perfect place to call home 😊