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How to get on with your flatmates...

By JordanBrowzer 30 Aug 2019

At Sheffield Hallam, you will meet lots of different people and that's all part of the amazing experience...

By living in halls you'll be living with people you've never met before and you'll learn lots of new things - about yourself, and other people!

Following these tips means that you'll be a pretty amazing flatmate!

 love rachel ross joey chandler GIF

Despite how awesome you are, you may not get on with everyone, so if you're ever struggling in your hall, flat or with your flatmates, you can always speak to someone at your accommodation reception, Accommodation Services or the university. 

Check out some of the fantastic Student Support Services at SHU.

TOP TIP: Unless told otherwise, NEVER help yourself to your flatmates' food, unless you want hell to break loose!