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Tips on decorating your room for Christmas

By RGUStuart 23 Nov 2021

Simple changes to your room décor can be effective without having to go all out with full Christmas decorations or spending a fortune.

Below I will give you some tips on how to create the perfect look for Christmas.

Start of with the basics by adding in:

A Festive Candle/Reed Diffuser

Scent has the potential to improve our mood and more than any other sense, it can bring back fond memories associated with happiness. So, while a flickering candle can quickly lift our mood, bump up the cosy-factor with winter fragrances like cinnamon, gingerbread or spiced Orange.

Cosy Cushions & Blankets

Whether it be a cosy knit, faux fur or a festive themed cushion paired with a throw, by simply adding these will add texture and warmth. And it’s getting colder so who doesn’t love a cosy throw to snuggle into?


Its an important part of any design but especially at Christmas. These battery operated light up trees are perfect for giving your room that festive glow. 

Fairy lights are also great for creating a perfect festive atmosphere. Classic white fairy lights can be used to give a warm cosy glow or   If you want a more fun take on the festive season, Get some flashing coloured lights.

Festive Bedding

Another simple yet affective way of creating that perfect look for Christmas is change your bedding for a more festive theme or colour such as a red tartan, this is perfect for that cosy vibe! ASDA have a great selection of Christmas bedding this year! 

Happy Decorating :) 



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