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Talk this Way

By RGrant 24 Feb 2021

In my previous blog I spoke about the benefits of getting out and about, going for a walk, making the most of the scenery Aberdeen has to offer (this still applies), and the fluctuating weather conditions (which I think I made worse, apologies). Today I’ll be focusing on the ‘Daily Mile’ Challenge RGU SPORT ran throughout February and the importance of ‘Time To Talk’. I’ll try and keep the weather chat to a minimum.


During the month of February RGU SPORT ran a ‘Daily Mile’ Strava challenge. This was an initiative set up to encourage anyone within the university (and outwith) to get outside once day, go for a walk, run, jog or whatever they prefer (walking was my favourite). I personally found going outside once a day very beneficial for my physical and mental health. Getting up from my workstation and going outside (sometimes braving the weather) really helped me recharge and stay motivated for the workday. There were several different approaches to the ‘Daily Mile’ Challenge, from active runners, joggers, dog walkers, shop go-ers, work callers’ and round the block-ers (bit of a stretch that one I know). We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the ‘Daily Mile’ Challenge, whether that was for the duration or even just one day. We’ve noticed the great benefit it can have and the sense of community it can bring. Following on from this, we’d like to highlight the benefit the ‘Time To Talk’ initiative can have on you or others during your daily walk. 


‘Time To Talk’ is an initiative based on the idea of reaching out to someone and checking in on them. The importance of staying connected with friends or family can’t be understated. I found that using the ‘Daily Mile’ Challenge was a great way to make sure you stayed connected with family, friends and colleagues during this difficult time. This can be as simple as a phone call or even meeting someone for a walk (adhering to the government guidelines of course). Sometimes you don’t know just how much of an impact something as simple as a phone call can have on someone’s day. We’d like to encourage everyone to find some time in the day to reach out, you might just make somebody’s day (plus who doesn’t love a wee chit-chat now and again).

On 4th of February it was ‘Time To Talk’ Day, at RGU we ran a few different interactive tools for people to engage with. We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the Peer Support Committee Live Session, Interactive Instagram Story or RGU SPORT Body Balance Group Exercise Class. We hope you all found this beneficial and would encourage anyone to reach out or engage in any future activities. The community and togetherness it can bring can be a real benefit to your physical and mental health.

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Active Walker/Occasional Runner,

Fraser Dallas.

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