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generic student id card


Student ID Cards

By RGrant 31 May 2021

A student card is an ID issued by a university or any educational institution which states that you have registered and are undertaking a course of studies there.

The student ID card will be identifiable as an official institution ID with a logo and often a barcode.

The RGU student ID card displays:

  • your name
  • photo
  • student number
  • date of birth
  • barcode
  • useful RGU:Union contact numbers on reverse

This card can prove your ID or student status on campus as required, for example: accessing labs; requesting letters at Student Help Point; attending exams. It also allows you to borrow books from the library or use the printers on campus.

A student card can also be used for ID, evidence of student status and proof of age in the community, for example for entry to bars and night spots, or to prove your student status for student discounts, eg in cinemas, restaurants, clothes shops, public transport.

Thus, a student ID card is an important document to keep in your wallet whether you are on campus or within the community.

Treat this document with as much care as any other important document such as a driving licence. Try not to lose because it does feature important personal information. Although the card is intially free, a replacement due to loss costs £10.

Other Optional Discount Cards

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) card is your international discount passport.

ISIC Card  

At a small cost, the TOTUM NUS Extra card provides you with additional discounts from a variety of retailers and food outlets online and in store.

TOTUM card