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Staying Fit with No Sport Facilities

By RGrant 11 Feb 2021

During the last lockdown and since the start of this new one, I think it's fair to say the thing I’ve missed the most is the sports facilities, mainly the gym. It can be hard to replace something that is usually such a big part of your life (three to four sessions a week) and can test your body physically and mentally. 

First Lockdown

Last lockdown I was guilty of just trying to re-create gym workouts from home, which didn’t really work, as it was difficult to get the same results with no weights, less room area and no machines. This unfortunately led to me putting on some weight (something that rarely happens to me as I’m quite skinny) and knocked my body confidence a bit.

Second Lockdown

When the second lockdown hit, I wanted to make sure I didn’t find myself stuck in the same situation, so decided to change my exercise habits.  I have bought some free weights for home use, have been trying out new fitness workouts via YouTube, as well as attending RGU SPORT online group exercise classes.

Fitness Sessions

This lockdown is going much better so far. I try to do three, twenty-to-thirty-minute fitness sessions a week on YouTube these include: in house cardio workouts, full body routines and HIIT workouts. I go outside on one run a week (aim for 5K), as well as attending an online group exercise class once a week. I fit the occasional walk in when I can, and I have also started doing at home yoga sessions once a week. 


Yoga is something I have always been keen to try, mainly for the flexibility benefits and the positive impact it has on my football performance. It has been proven to help with flexibility, balance and strength which are all required in football. Having said this there are many other proven benefits of yoga too such as: provides you with more energy, helps you sleep better, helps alleviate stress and bring higher moods. I would recommend giving it a go!

Top Tips

In summary of my experience here are some top tips for staying fit during lockdown:

  1. Fully engage with each workout you decide to do- it's all very well choosing a specific exercise routine to do but you won't get the full benefits if you do not fully engage. So, complete it fully, feel like you have pushed yourself and be proud of your efforts!
  2. Vary your exercises- it's important to keep your exercises varied, this keeps you fully engaged and stops you from becoming bored.
  3. Join in with friends- drag your friends with you! I can assure you most of them will be looking for something to do during lockdown. Get them along to a group exercise or workout together via a zoom call!
  4. Test your body in new ways - try something you haven’t done before. I can assure you your body will thank you for it. 
  5. Keep a healthy balanced diet- you are still allowed to treat yourself every so often though!

Find out more about our online live group exercise classes 

By: RGU Sport Assistant

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