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Room Decor 101: Personalising your Pinboard

By CieraBlogger 16 Jan 2022

In many student accommodations, the pinboard is the only area that you’re allowed to pin or stick photos to. With potentially such a limited canvas to express yourself, what could you use the space for?

Here are 5 ideas that you can use to make the most out of your pinboard.

1. Cover it in decorative paper

If you don’t like how plain your pinboard looks, why not cover the entire thing with a length of wrapping paper or wallpaper to give it a nice background? It’s as simple as getting some paper that you like, cutting it to the necessary length(s) to cover the board, and then either pinning or sticking it over the board. You could even change the paper to match what season it is, with autumnal tones in autumn and Christmas paper in winter.

2. Hang your jewellery on it

Does your jewellery always get tangled up or misplaced? If so, why not consider putting it on your pinboard? Map pins have a part of the pin that protrudes, providing an ideal edge to hang your necklaces or bracelets. This way you not only get to keep better track of where your accessories are, but you also get to display them in a decorative way.

3. Use it to help organise your papers

Using pins you could pin a paper folder/wallet onto your board. This then leaves you with a little mounted paper wallet ideal for storing important documents and things that need to be kept safe. You can just pin these papers directly to your board but by using a folder you’ll end up saving space and making your board look tidier.

4. Think about how you want to display your photos

If you want to display any photographs on your board there are many ways other than directly pinning them down which can look lovely and stylish. Maybe you want to pin up a set of battery-operated lights around the edge of your board and pin your photos to the light string using little pegs? Or perhaps you would rather stick them down in a shape? Get creative!

5. Divide it into sections

If you’re planning to use your board for organisational purposes why not try out a creative way of dividing it into sections? This may involve different colour paper backgrounds or washi tape to create segments for different things. Some ideas for each section could be a section for your to-do lists, a section for your receipts, a section for leisure, and a section for your studies.

Decor is a very personal thing so don’t feel pressured to like or incorporate items into your room just because other people enjoy them. Your room is yours, so make it your own in whichever ways that you choose.

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