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Relax and Unwind

By RGrant 26 Feb 2021

Relaxing after a long day studying or at the weekend is a good way to refresh and relax the brain, in addition to a daily dose of exercise. This gives you more energy for your next study session.

Remember:  the current lockdown/pandemic situation is temporary, and when safe to do so we can resume normal life and activities.

It is really important to create a relaxed home environment that is conducive to both study and relaxing time. Make your home in to a mini cinema, and enjoy a nice meal or snacks while watching movies or documentaries. There are an abundance of free movies and documentaries available for free on YouTube.

Old British Movies

I highly recommend old British movies, which give a fascinating insight in to life in the 50’s to 70’s era across Britain. For our international students, these films will help you to understand the various English accents and dialects throughout the UK.

Silent comedies by the renowned Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean are highly entertaining, dating from the beginning of the 20th century and the late 20th century respectively. They are still popular today due to the skilled comedic portrayal of life in these eras.

Moreover, there are many documentaries on YouTube which provide expert advice and scientific knowledge. These offer opportunities to brainstorm, and to gain inspiration for your own studies. 

Below are some suggestions to help you get started. YouTube will also offer you suggestions based on what you choose to watch. Some of you may already access streaming services like Netflix on Amazon, however don’t forget about the free platform that is YouTube and accessible to all with an internet connection.

British Movies

The Fast Lady 

Eccentric British Comedy 

The Booze Cruise I 

The Booze Cruise II 

The Booze Cruise III 

Mr Bean

Cup of Coffee 

DIY Bean 

JUDO Bean 

Christmas Day 

Fun and Games  

Charlie Chaplin

Modern Times 

The Champion 

The Gold Rush 


The Secret Life Of Isaac Newton 

Britain's New High Speed One Rail 

This Is How They Built The London Underground 

Construction of M4 Motorway 

Building the Future 

World’s Longest Subsea Pipeline 

The MRI - A History  

Gigantic Cruise Liner 

History of Computerized Tomography (CT Scanner) 

UK Supreme Court 

By: Haider, Help Point Advisor