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Fitness Classes – A Male's Perspective

By RGrant 25 Feb 2021

We again, find ourselves without indoor gyms facilities. During the summer months being without indoor gym facilities seemed a lot easier. We were lucky enough to manage to get outside and enjoy some exercise in the sun, but now we are in February, and the weather isn’t so bright.  

If you are one of the lucky ones that goes outside running and doesn’t fall on ice, doesn’t mind the rain and wind hitting your body at what feels 100MPH, then I salute you!! Not all of us enjoy running, some of us even loath it (I know I can’t be the only one). So, what does that leave us gym minded people with…

Fitness Classes Online

Not everyone has the benefit of having space to house weights, but there is something that’s making it little bit easier to get your gym fix, fitness classes. Even though gyms are closed a lot of gyms are offering group exercise classes online, and for most of them you don’t even need equipment to join in. RGU SPORT are offering our members 12 classes per week via Facebook group and Zoom.

These classes range from HIITSTEP, Body Attack, Body Pump, Body Balance and Pilates. These classes target all the necessary components of fitness and more importantly they can all be done at any level of ability. Still, there are very few males take part, but why?

RGU Sport Group Exercise

Historically RGU Sport group exercise has been a female dominated programme, with female participants often outnumbering the males. Coming from someone who teaches a wide range of classes this is not uncommon, but I have always found myself thinking why? The benefits of fitness classes are massive, such as, increasing muscular endurance and muscular definition, increased cardiovascular endurance, agility, and flexibility. All these aspects of fitness should be in everyone’s training routine because at some point, after sticking to the same weights routine or sticking to the same cardio machine for weeks on end your body plateaus and starts to no longer see continuous improvement. Doing the same exercise becomes boring, and you can start to lose interest, which increases the likelihood of drop out. 

Benefits of Group Exercise

I feel there is a lack of knowledge around the benefits of group exercise. I often get asked what’s the point in this class? Well what isn’t the point? I will share an example. When you are in the gym and struggling with your form or are still attempting to get lower in your squat, body balance or Pilates can help by increase your range of motion allowing you to squat deeper. Why wouldn’t you want to be able to squat deeper? Getting a better Range of Motion (ROM) equals a greater muscular output which would provide a much more beneficial exercise. 

Athlete Training

If you look at more modern athletes, their training often covers a variety of components of fitness, thanks to the advanced knowledge gained from sport scientists. So, if agility training, HIIT training and flexibility are good enough for sporting athletes more of us should be looking to include a range of activities in our workout routines too!

By: RGU Sport Assistant

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