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Update your myQMU app

By bzellie 17 Sep 2019

If you're having difficulty viewing your timetable on the myQMU app, or you think it may be showing incorrect information or missing key information (such as room number) then please ensure you are using the latest version of the myQMU app.

The latest published versions of the myQMU app are:
iOS/Apple version - 2.002
Android version - 2.004

You can check the version of the app you are using by tapping on the More menu at the bottom of the main screen:

Then, tap on help from the alphabetical list:

The build version you are currently using is shown near the top of the screen:

If this build version differs from the latest version, please update the app via the app store (iOS) of the Google Play Store (Android) and download the latest version. This should resolve any issues you may be experiencing with the timetable information displayed.

Please also check that you have set the myQMU app to auto-update. This will ensure you are always using the latest version of the app and will stop any issues in the future.

You can also use the Student Portal to view your personalised timetable. Further information can be found on the timetabling page of the website.

If you're still concerned that your timetable may be missing information or displaying incorrect information after updating the myQMU app please contact the timetabling team who will be able to look into any issues you may still be having.


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