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Study skills books for everyone

By AmyLibrary 16 Sep 2019

We've put together a little list of book which provide useful study skills tips for some pretty specific areas! Please remember that there are far more study skills books available. All you need to do is type "study skills" into the catalogue search and you are on your way!

The study skills handbook

A nice, overall guide to study skills. A great place to start if you're looking for more information.

 Find on the shelves at 378.170281 COT

Essential study skills: the complete guide to success at university

Another good overview. Perfect for figuring out where to start if you're brand new to Higher Education.

Find on the shelves at 378.170281 BUR

Study skills connected: using technology to support your studies

Make use of technology in order to improve the way you study. 

Find on the shelves at 371.30281 COT

Study skills for international postgraduates

Helpful tips for those who have traveled to do their postgraduate degree with us.

Find on the shelves at 371.30281 DAV

Study skills for part-time students

Perfect for those who are part-time studiers, but those who have other responsibilities and commitments may find this useful.

Find on the shelves at 371.3028 WIL

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Study skills: maximise your time to pass exams

This text is geared more towards studying for exams specifically and how to do this efficiently. 

 Find on the shelves at 371.30281 KEN

Study skills for speakers of English as a second language

For anyone who speaks English as a second language, whether they are home students or an international student. This book should provide you with some good tips.

Find on the shelves at 428 LEW

Learning how to study again: a practical guide to study skills for mature students returning to education or distance learning

A great text specifically for those who are returning to university after a period of time, or even those are simply returning to learning after a while.

Find on the shelves at 374.13 DAW



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