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Squash, Chilli & Black Bean Soft Taco Recipe

By Megan 06 Oct 2017


White or wholemeal tortilla wraps
150g butternut squash (cut into wedges)
10ml olive oil
2 avocados (peeled, stone removed & roughly crushed)
1 red onion (peeled & finely chopped)
500g ripe tomatoes (chopped)
1 bunch fresh coriander (finely chopped)
100g can of black beans
5g chilli powder
1 lime
Salt & pepper to season


  • Mix the crushed avocado, finely chopped onion, olive oil & tomatoes and season to taste
  • Grill the squash until tender & golden brown – About 30 minutes dependent on size
  • Mix the black beans with chilli powder
  • Heat the wraps individually on a dry, non-stick pan until soft (Be careful not to dry them out) on a medium setting


  • Add a heaped spoonful of guacamole, a small spoonful of chilli black beans and 2-3 batons of butternut squash to the centre of a heated wrap
  • Serve immediately, garnishing with a sprinkle of coriander & a squeeze of lime juice


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