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food on a bbq with people sitting on a bench in the background


Spring BBQ essentials

By BzAimee 24 May 2021

It's National BBQ Week...

SAnd although the weather in May hasn't been the best, we are hopeful for some sunnier days which means making delicious, summery food that you can enjoy with friends.

We've picked out the top 10 essentials for a successful BBQ in the park or your garden...

1. BBQ

THE most important item for an all-day grilling sesh, whether you want a gas burner BBQ or a disposable one, you can get these easily from a local supermarket.

a close up of a person using a BBQ

2. Cool drinks

Having a BBQ usually means lots of summery refreshing drinks that you're going to want to keep cold, so ice and a cooler are a good investment.

3. Food

Burgers, hot dogs, prawns, chicken, and steak (or veggie/vegan options) are essential! You don't have to have all of them, but it's always best to have options throughout the day...

two glasses of pink lemonade

4. Buns and toppings

Buns, cheese, onions, ketchup, or whatever your choice of topping is, you're going to want it. The sun is shining and spring is here - indulge a little!

5. Sides

Coleslaw, corn, and crisps are some great low-cost sides to help fill your plate and give you a break from going into a meat coma. 

a bunch of food on a table

6. Dessert

Everyone loves dessert; and with the setting sun, ice cream is the best way to end your BBQ.

7. Plates and utensils

Tongs, plates, kitchen roll and forks are all good things to remember if you actually want to cook and eat the food...

different flavoured ice cream in cones

8. Portable speakers

Every great BBQ needs some music, and because you're outside, speakers are a must!

9. Blanket

Most likely, you'll be on the grass, so a blanket not only claims your 'turf,' but gives you a clean place to sit as well.

10. Games

You're outside and the sun is shining - what better way to burn off some of those burgers than kicking the football around, playing rounders, or throwing about a frisbee?

sport items on grass

Don't forget to bring bin bags and take all your rubbish home, especially if the local park bins are overflowing.

Enjoy the spring and get grilling!

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