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Sports & Societies at QMU: what you need to know

By Megan 13 Aug 2019

Sports & Societies are led by the elected Vice-President and range from high performance sports such as football, rugby and badminton, to popular activities like theatre, anime and dance. The opportunities that Sports & Societies can offer are endless. We have had representation from our sports team at national and international levels. Some course-related societies have managed to improve upon academic skills that directly relate to their future job prospects and degree award.

Anybody is welcome to join any sport or society; you can even create your own. Studies have proven that involvement in both sports and societies helps potential future employers see key skills and characteristics, including leadership, teamwork, dedication and determination. So taking part in a sport or society can also benefit your CV and employability.

The societies on offer at the Students' Union give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people who have similar interests to you. Together you can dance, compete, sing, act, debate, create campaigns, volunteers, fundraise and so much more.

In addition, if you are active in an individual sport that is not on offer at QMU, we'll do our best to find competitions and tournaments for you to represent QMU. We even have some funding available which you can apply for to help with travel costs and entry fees.

Visit the SU website to find out more information or email your Vice-President.


Hockey (W), Netball, Rugby (M), Rugby (W) Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball, (M) Basketball, (W) Cheerleading, Football (M), Gaelic Football (M), Gaelic Football (W)


African Caribbean, Christian Union, Comedy Society, Dance, Dietetics & Nutrition, Drama, Equestrian, E Sports, International Society, LGBT+, Marketing, Music, Musical Theatre, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Psychology, SLTs (Speech & Language Therapy), Sexual Health Awareness/The Pink Stripes, Snow Sports, Techno, Writers’ Society

Interested in joining a Sport or Society? Find out more here.

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