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Sanitary Products: Edinburgh

By SarahWhelan 21 Mar 2020

If you have a vagina the chances are that you'd agree there is nothing luxurious about a period.

Now, I am in no way criticising the human body, it is a pretty impressive machine, but periods are not the most enjoyable part of the month and for some it can be even harder when access to sanitary products is restricted.

If you've been buying pads and tampons etc, you've been paying tax on them. However, in the 2020 budget it was announced that from 2021 there will be no tax on UK sanitary products.

This is a move in the right direction.

But there is more good news...

From 2018 all Scottish schools, colleges and universities started providing free sanitary products. 

Initially these were often held behind a desk and required to be requested specifically from a member of staff. This is slowly changing, and as of 2020 sanitary products in Queen Margaret University are freely accessible in the toilets-where you need them.

You wouldn't have someone request the toilet roll the need from a member of staff before going to the toilet after all.

The most recent step in providing accessible sanitary products to people in Scotland is the announcement that City of Edinburgh Council buildings will have free sanitary products available (libraries etc). 

They are supplied by Hey Girls and there is a selection of tampons, pads and reusable menstrual cups.

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Accessible sanitary products are crucial to reliving period poverty but it also helps normalise periods and remove the stigma. 

To find out more about ending period poverty see Action Aid

To have a go at making your own reusable sanitary pads click HERE

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