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Ridwane's Blog: Which villian are you according to your Zodiac sign?

By Megan 28 Oct 2019

In the spirit of Halloween, it's time to see which villain best suits your Zodiac sign...


You are the most charming cannibal in all of literature and cinema. Like a true Libra, you need to be surrounded by beauty and you enjoy charming your preys. You have principles when it comes to what leading a good life means. You make sure nothing can disturb the perfect scenery you’ve created for yourself. Even if that means eating people.


Revenge is your drive. Full of Scorpio passion, you can be as mean as you can be sweet if someone crosses you. You are a ruthless Wakanda warrior. Dedicated, you have learned the martial arts and your mind. Your only goal is to get what is rightfully yours: revenge on your father and Wakanda.


Just like a stray cat, you are extremely independent and wild. If this isn’t a Sagittarius trait, I don’t know what is. Your street credentials makes you extremely adventurous and attractive. You ooze seduction and danger. However, you are not a typical villain. You are a criminal but also a benefactor. You are torn between your desire for revenge and your desire to correct wrongs.


Sorry, not sorry. You are just very, very ambitious and often a bit too serious. Your hunger for power can be so overwhelming that it takes over your life. Like every Capricorn, you are also a true leader and a master manipulator. You have many disciples and they are ready to die for you. They both trust you and are scared of you. Only death can stop you, or can it?


You are a humanitarian at heart, you always care for the under dogs. You stand on the margins and have suffered because of it. Paradoxically, you have a talent for community building. You never had the intention of being a leader but your apparent righteousness and your humor make you irresistible. Like an Aquarius, your strangeness is your strength.


You are a powerful witch. Just like every pisces, you are an old soul. A priestess of the Lord of Light, your beliefs are extremely important for you. You live a dedicated life and your enigmatic aura doesn’t go unnoticed. You seem incredibly calm but since you are tuned to everything around you and the feelings of others, you are boiling inside. Greedy for affection, you use your powers to make Stannis Baratheon fall in love with you.


A real showman, like any Aries, you are the flamboyant god of hell. Your childlike, witty manners and humor makes you one of the most fun Disney villain. Very quick to anger, your mood changes quickly. You are extremely charismatic and manipulative and always manage to get other people to do your dirty work. Jealous of your brother Zeus, your goal is to steal his thunder. (pun intended)


Like a Taurus, you are attached to your origins and your status. You would do anything to protect your own, your castle and your family. You’re fueled by the desire to remain the wealthiest of all Westeros. You are proud to a fault and tend to look down on people because you are so vulnerable underneath it all. Like all villains, you use your enemies’ fear against them.


Your wit and your intelligence make you surprisingly likable (especially when you are portrayed by David Tennant) but your power is the most terrifying of all. Like a true gemini, you can talk anyone into doing anything you want. Your brain and your charm make you extremely powerful. You know what you want. Just like you pursue Jessica Jones, you can pursue anything and anyone when you put your mind to it.


You are the villain we didn’t expect. At first, sweet and caring like a cancer in good mood, you want what’s best for everyone. You are a caring, generous mother. The kind to make the best breakfast every morning. But this is just too good to be true, isn’t it ? You can be downright terrifying and manipulative when you’re not shown the gratitude you think you’re owed. You can become smothering and extremely possessive.


Extravagant like a true Leo with your colorful outfit and make up and your many accessories, you strive to enjoy life. You are a fun, loving psycho. Your agility and your speed makes you a dangerous opponent always ready to defend your squad. You are also extremely loyal to your companion, the Joker. Your goal is to be reunited with him no matter what.


You are a ‘consulting criminal' just like Sherlock Holmes is a ‘detective consultant’. You created a large international criminal organization thanks to your virgo focused mind and your attention to detail. You are a mastermind and you hate being bored so much that you do not hesitate to kill your arch nemesis Sherlock Holmes when you start losing interest.

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