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QMU Festival of Careers

By Gillian 05 Feb 2021

Webinar Fatigue? Why the QMU Festival of Careers is worth your time this month….

Careers Adviser Rebecca Clacy-Jones tell us why we should book in to online events with employers

February is here and there is lots to look forward too! The days are getting longer (really, they are!) and The QMU Festival of Careers is underway. But… ‘I can’t face another online meeting’ I hear you cry! I know, I get it, online lectures, study groups and facetime with your Granny on a Saturday night – why add more time online to your schedule?! Here are a few reasons:

Subjects that you chose – We ran a survey last year about what QMU students wanted from a virtual careers fair, and we have curated a programme that matches what you asked for – careers in sustainability? Making a social impact? Exploring the arts and cultural sector? Reflecting on trends in retail and tourism on the high street? You said, we did!

Awesome range of speakers –Our headliner is Prue Leith and the rest of the speakers are handpicked from across our networks and from our alumni. They have interesting career journeys, fantastic stories to tell, and each session will include a panel discussion, followed by a chance for the audience to ask questions. 

Progress your own career journey –Whether ready to apply for jobs, or just in the early stages of thinking about your future, the festival gives you a chance to understand challenges and developments within and across industries. Maybe what you hear will inspire you to research a job you hadn’t previously heard of? Maybe you will hear something that you can talk about at interviews to demonstrate to an employer that you understand trends that affect them? Maybe you will decide that a role isn’t for you – all important steps!

Something for you at every session – Don’t think you are interested in the theme of a session? There is so much you can learn anyway! our speakers will be sharing details of their career journeys – the decisions that they have made, the people that helped them along the way, the approach they took to solving problems, inspiration that can be applied to any industry or job type. Plus it’s a great opportunity to get some public speaking tips!

Online careers fairs may work better for you…The traditional careers fair format (a large number of employers with stalls around an open space) - can be daunting. You need to be brave enough to turn up, and then to approach all the employers that you may be interested in and ask them about their work and the opportunities they may have on offer. The format of the festival of careers means that you can listen to employers tell you about their industry and their career, and then you have a chance to ask questions – and you can even do that anonymously!

You can see all the events that are part of the festival on student central here – QMU graduates and students at all level of study across all subject areas are invited to attend:




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