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Maja's Blog: Being vegan as a student

By Megan 14 Nov 2019

Veganism is currently getting more and more popular in today’s world however, I would be far from associating it with a ‘trend’. It is a lifestyle that comes from a conscious and ethical approach to other beings. Both humans and animals. Choosing to live a plant-based lifestyle brings a sizable amount of goods. First of all – you can heal yourself. By eating plants in various forms and colours, your body is getting healthier with each day. Apart from that, you start to feel better about yourself, due to having new and important purpose of life. With every vegan meal you save both life and suffering of other creatures. And that’s the next reason for becoming vegan. Once you make a step on this footpath, you stop bringing harm.

There is also another really important reason for going vegan. Our Mother Nature. Every year brings more changes into our climate and causes devastation to the earth. Meat and animal product industry is responsible for the majority of these changes. You don’t have to live a completely zero-waste life or purchase an electric car to make the adjustment. Instead, you can choose what is going to appear on your plate a few times a day. Veganism is the way to help yourself, animals and our planet on many various levels. You can do so much by doing so little.

Now, as you know what difference your decision can make, you probably start to wonder ‘how?’

I will explain on my own example. I went vegan on my first day of university. On that day I was fully aware of what my decision can bring and how animal industry works. I didn’t want to be a part of it anymore. I went vegan straight away as I left home. Really. But, in my opinion, it is the perfect time to do it.

First of all – you are responsible for your groceries now. You go to the supermarket, you read the ingredient list. And therefore, you make a choice whether to buy a certain product or not. Before that, there was always someone – your mum or dad who did the shopping. Now, as you are on your own – you decide what to put inside the fridge.

Second of all – cooking plant-based foods is really easy. You can concoct a delicious, simple and nutritious meal in a few seconds. For example: a can of beans with some fried onion, garlic and zucchini in a flavourful tomato sauce served with some rice or pasta. That’s it, you have made it! Apart from your own creative ideas, you can also follow some great and inspiring recipes which are everywhere on the internet now. As I said at the beginning – veganism is on its peak now!

Third of all – it is CHEAP. Yes, I know that you probably think that it cannot be true. But trust me – it is. If you choose to cook from scratch and use seasonal products it will be very affordable. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use some fancy vegan sausages or yoghurt from time to time. These products are getting cheaper as the demand for this type of foods is growing. So, don’t worry – there is a place for a treat even in the student budget.

As you can see, going vegan while making first steps towards adulthood is really the perfect time for that.  You would have to learn how to incorporate all these habits and chores into your everyday life anyway. So why not to programme yourself vegan from the start?

Believe me – you will not regret it.

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