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Lockdown Stories.....Jamie

By StuartSport 29 Apr 2020

Today we hear from Jamie, he shares his 5 tips for lock down!

Keeping fit in the wake of the country going into lock down is no easy task. With limited space and limited equipment you may find yourself out of sorts with your normal exercise routine being shelved. This should not be a time of complete despair as there is always something we can work on to stay active and healthy.

I have outlined 5 actions that I myself have taken to secure a strong foundation from which I can continue to keep fit and train from.

1. Become accustomed to your new routine at home
2. Establish your exercise space within your home and allocate time you will spend here.

3. Look for any items or fitness equipment you may have around the house and set them out in your exercise space.

4. Download a fitness app to follow workouts or take on fitness challenges. Ensure you get fresh air at least for 30 minutes each day (Stay within government guidelines of being active outdoors).

5. Sleep! Get your 8 hours of sleep. Sleep and wake up at the same time of day including the weekends.

Being proactive in taking these actions will inevitably result in a productive and fulfilling day. Although the current situation at times is frightening, I take great comfort in the fact that the human body is engineered to survive and adapt and draw much of my motivation from that fact. But we must give it the environment to do so.

For all of us that love to keep fit and active this is a time to be mindful, resourceful and organised. Stay productive, stay active, stay safe.



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