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10 Uses For Coffee Grounds

By SarahWhelan 13 Feb 2020

Whether you're a coffee lover or a coffee hater, this list is bound to include a use for coffee grounds that'll tick your box.

And if you're wondering where to get a hold of these grounds then wonder no more...used grinds from 1875 are lovingly passed over to The Shop and kept by the tills, free for you to help yourself too.

So now on with the list...

  • Body Scrub: The grounds have great exfoliation abilities. Just mix with water or a natural oil (coconut/almond) and enjoy that smooth skin feeling with added waste free bragging rights. 
  • Bug Repellent: If you are lucky enough to have a garden then coffee grounds might become your new best friend. Sprinkle them around plants as a chemical free repellent. The smell and texture will deter ants, snails and slugs.
  • Odor Neutraliser: Sharing a fridge with flatmates can result in some questionable smells. Fill a tub with grounds and leave it open in the fridge for a few weeks to absorb those scents. Instead of binning add the grounds to the compost or make into fertiliser. 
  • Natural Dye: If you require a golden brown shade of dye then put the box down, close your purse and pick up the grounds. Mix the grounds with water and use to dye an old t-shirt, give paper an antique look or even touch up scuffed furniture (the landlord will never know)
  • Coffee Candles: If the smell of coffee isn't your bestfriend then skip right by, but if it is then you are in luck. Collect your grounds, a section of wax candle ends and a wick and after a bit of melting, stirring and setting, you have a delightful candle. 
  • De-Icer: Now I haven't tried this one myself but science states that the nitrogen in grounds is a known ice-melter and the coarse texture of grounds can mimic salt and provide friction (less slippage).
  • Kitchen Scrub: Much like a body scurb, the ground scan be used to get those stubborn dried on bits of food off your dishes. Add the grounds to a cloth and scrub away-just stay clear of light surfaces that might stain!
  • Puffy Eye Remedy: After one to many nights staying up writing that essay (or the after affects of Cowgate), grab those grounds and their anti-inflammatory qualities, mix with water and coconut oil and carefully lay below your eye for a couple of minutes. 
  • Hair Cleaner: If you have recently switched to shampoo bars you might be struggling with the dreaded residue build up. Simply rub into wet hair, before washing, and let the coffee texture break down the residue or product build up. 
  • Plant Fertiliser: If you have some acid loving plants (e.g. roses) then sprinkle on the grounds to give them a boost but make sure to mix with grass clippings or other plant material to help reduce the acidity a little. 

Your local cafe is also likely to have an abundance of used coffee grounds! 


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