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5 Sustainable Clothing Brands for Women

By bztara 08 Nov 2021

With the ever growing pressure for more ethical consumption there are a number of retailers who have stepped up to help with this challenge by making pledges to produce more sustainable and ethical clothing.

Fast fashion critics are on the rise, and rightly so. The Clothing industry has become one of the biggest polluters in the UK, coming behind industries like tech and transport. It's estimated that every five minutes, 10,000 items of clothing are being sent to landfill.

If you’re looking to make the move towards a more environmentally friendly wardrobe but don't know where to start, here's a list of some of my favourite sustainable clothing brands.

1. Omnes

Starting with my personal favourite, Omnes clothing proves that stylish and sustainable clothing doesn't have to cost a fortune. This environmentally conscious brand looks to produce timeless pieces that are designed to last indefinitely and uses only responsible suppliers. Omnes clothing is made of recycled materials and the company assess the environmental impact of every item designed. 

Clothing on the Omnes website starts at around £35 for things like tops and blouses. Items like dresses and thick jumpers can cost around £60. Whilst some of these items are on the pricier side, their endurance makes it worth it.  The clothing company also offers a 10% student discount with student beans.

2. Oriusu Studios

For sustainable yet comfy loungewear, Oriusu is the perfect place. Oriusu is an independent clothing brand that focuses on inclusivity in its designs, ensuring that clothing suits a range of body types. Oriusu Studios looks to create ‘capsule’ items that don’t go out of style as quickly as most fast fashion trends. The brand also sources local, biodegradable fibres for its products which helps reduce landfill. 

Products from Oriusu Studios range from £20 to £60 for pricier items. The store sells a range of loungewear pieces like good quality joggers, shorts and hoodies. Perfect for comfy uni outfits.

3. Lucy and Yak

Think Monki’s little sister, Lucy and Yak are a sustainable clothing brand that began selling vintage clothing from a small van in the UK. Since then the company has made enough sales to move into a larger warehouse, but still maintain their commitment to treating all workers with respect by pledging a ‘Fashion Revolution’ by offering complete production transparency on its website. The company is also in the process of fitting solar panels in its warehouses in order to allow products to be developed using 100% renewable energy.

On the website you can find bright and colourful pieces, from baby-tees to jackets and jeans. Products range from around £15 to £60 depending on what it is you’re after.

4. We Are Tala

Founded in 2019 by UK influencer Grace Beverly, Tala is a sustainable and stylish activewear brand that produces affordable good-quality pieces. Like Oriusu studios, WeAreTala uses environmentally friendly fibre in its clothing and works on the durability of its clothing to ensure that the pieces are long lasting and good quality. The WeAreTala website offers complete transparency on its production line, with information about every factory that the company works with allowing for conscious consumption. 

Talas clothing prices range from around £25 for items like sports bras and gym tops, to £60 for more expensive items such as gym sets. The website also offers reviews from shoppers on each item which allows shoppers to see what others think about things like quality and sizing of the clothing. 

5. Girlfriend Collective

Another option for environmentally conscious active-wear is ‘slow-fashion’ brand, Girlfriend Collective. Like many of the brands mentioned Girlfriend Collective uses recycled materials to produce its clothing specifically, recycled plastic bottles. The company also upholds certain ethical standards by using only certified factories and facilities and committing to 100% transparency on its website.

Items on Girlfriend Collective are on the pricier side of this list. Whilst some items can be purchased for around £30-£50, items like coats and jackets tend to be around the £100 mark. But again, with the use of sustainable good quality fabrics you'll definitely get a lot of wear out of these items.

The move away from fast fashion doesn't have to cost a fortune and it doesn't mean throwing away your entire wardrobe. By opting for more responsible brands when you can you can start to make a difference whilst supporting some great companies!


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