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Support Bubbles in Halls

By sophiebk 07 Jan 2021

Students returning home throughout the course of this year may mean that you are the only resident at present in your flat. If this is the case, you have the option available to you to form a support bubble with another flat.

Support bubbles for households with one person 

If you are currently living in Halls and are now the only person staying in your flat, you can look to form a ‘support bubble’ with another flat. If you would like to do this, it is important to make sure you have read and understood the government guidance on forming a support bubble and eligibility to do so. You can see this here.

If you do choose to form a support bubble with another flat then you can all operate as if you are one household and mix together without social distancing measures in place. The rule around no overnight guests in Halls remains in place however.

Please note that you can only form a support bubble with one other household, so you could not form a support bubble with a flat that already has a support bubble with another person. Also, as only one support bubble per household can be created, all members of the flat you are proposing to create a support bubble with need to agree to this.

You must inform your RA that you are forming a bubble and who this is with. The flat you are bubbling with also needs to notify their RA. Once other people return to your flat, your original household grouping is therefore back in place and your support bubble must end.

Room moves 

Room moves continue to be available on a limited basis for students who have a welfare reason for their request. Room moves are at the recommendation of your Hall Warden, so if you would like to request to be considered for a room move, please speak to your Residential Advisor in the first instance to discuss your concerns. You will then need to submit a room move request to the Accommodation Team via Liverpool Life, and quote the name of the RA you spoke to.

Support Available

Our Wardens and Residential Advisers are on hand to help with any assistance you may require. From being on call over night to provide support, to running check in chats, they are on hand to ensure you are not isolated throughout this period.  If you want to talk to the Duty RA on call overnight, you can find their contact details here.  

Check-in chats are available to all students who are currently in our halls, and take the form of regular groups chats on Teams/Zoom with your RA. They are a friendly and inclusive catch up to see how you are getting on, as well as providing ideas and activities for you to get involved in. If you are currently in a flat by yourself, these check-in chats are also a great way to connect with others across the Hall. If you have not yet participated but are interested to join, you can contact your RA for more details. 

Click here for more information about Covid 19 Guidance for Halls.

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