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COVID 19 Testing

By sophiebk 07 Jan 2021

All staff and students who are on campus, including those in our Halls of Residence, are expected to take an asymptomatic COVID 19 test twice weekly, or once every three days.

This can be done using the University’s asymptomatic testing service in the Sports Centre or Greenbank Student Village (details can be found here) or one of the SMART testing facilities in the city (details here). Tests only take a few minutes and you should receive your results within an hour.

If you have any symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, it is vitally important that you obtain a test and isolate until the result is known. Tests for people with symptoms of COVID-19 are separate to the asymptomatic testing, and can be booked here.

Should you test positive as part of this testing, please phone your Hall Reception and follow these reporting procedures for notifying the University. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your Hall Reception for further guidance. Further details on when to self-isolate can be seen here.

Please remember, testing negative as part of this regular testing does not mean that you can socialise outside of your household bubble. Regardless of test results it is important to follow public health guidance around 'Hands - Face - Space' - washing your hands regularly, wearing a face covering, and maintaining social distance from others. In addition, whilst a number of essential services are open on campus, you should minimise contact with others from outside your house and only use physical facilities when absolutely necessary.

Previous positive PCR test:

Please note that the only exception to the regular asymptomatic testing requirement is if you have received a positive PCR test result within the last 90 days (which has been recorded on the NHS system). If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 however you must still self-isolate and book a PCR test whether you have had a previously positive PCR test or not.

If you have had a positive PCR test result that was more than 90 days ago you need to start taking regular asymptomatic tests again. 

a small boat in a large body of water

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