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COVID 19: Information for students self-isolating

By sophiebk 05 Oct 2020

If you are self-isolating in University Halls, we appreciate this may be a stressful time. Please see the below information to clarify what is required of you and what help is available.

Click here for a reminder of when to self-isolate.

If you are self-isolating, you should not:  

  • Leave your student accommodation for 10 days from when your symptoms started or you tested positive - you can only leave for urgent medical assistance or to take a COVID 19 test. 
  • Have any visitors, unless providing essential care
  • Go outside to buy food or other essentials or exercise
  • Use public transport or taxis  

Once you are self-isolating:

  • If you have symptoms you should book a test for coronavirus via the University testing facility by following the steps on the University website which can be found here. You should only leave your flat to go to a test site, do not continue to attend lectures, work or go to public areas. 
  • You should inform the University via the Student Intranet as soon as you are self-isolating.
  • You must also notify the Halls that you are self-isolating, and why. This is done via the Liverpool Life portal. In the Accommodation section, click on 'My Requests' and select 'Self Isolation'. You will be asked to provide your start and end date of isolation, as well as whether you have received a positive test result or isolating due to Track and Trace. Once you have submitted this, a member of the Halls Team or RA Team will be in touch with further support options.

Accessing Services whilst Self-Isolating:


A food pack containing supplies for three days will be provided by the Hall. This is designed to help you when you first enter self-isolation and until you can make your own arrangements for food shopping/delivery. We recommend that you either order shopping online for delivery to the Hall, or ask a friend who is not isolating to shop on your behalf. The Reception team will be able to arrange for items to be delivered to your flat. 

Deliveries and mail:

You will not be able to visit the Hall Reception to collect mail or deliveries during your period of self-isolation. During this time we ask that you limit all deliveries to essential items only such as food or medicines. The Hall team will then arrange to get essential food deliveries to you in your flat.


Cleaning will not be provided if you enter a period of self-isolation as a result of developing symptoms of COVID-19. If any other students in your household have been fully vaccinated under a programme approved in the UK, and are not displaying symptoms or received a positive test, they do not need to self-isolate and will be able to purchase cleaning supplies.

Visitors, households, and socialising in Halls:

Visitors are not permitted in Halls if you or a member of your household is self-isolating.

We would recommend that if a member of your household is self-isolating, you do not invite members of other households over to reduce any risk of COVID-19 spreading. 


During your time isolating, you will not be able to access the laundry. Should you require to wash your clothes, we can provide laundry detergent for your to hand wash your clothes in your room. If you would like a laundry pack, please email your Hall Reception Team. Alternatively, if any members of your household are not self-isolating (as above) and are not displaying any symptoms of covid-19, you should ask that these flat mates handle your laundry. 

Support Available whilst Self-Isolating

Your wellbeing during this time is our top priority, and we want to make your time in isolation as comfortable as possible.

  • We will contact you with exact guidance and ensure that you are supported in terms of your well-being, food, medical supplies and washing/cleaning arrangements etc.
  • Your Hall Team are available 24/7, and are available to assist with any queries or requests you have. You can contact your Halls Team here.
  • Residential Advisers are on Duty Overnight, and contactable for any pastoral concerns you may have. The Duty Phone number can be found here. Your Residential Adviser will be in contact with you either via phone or via Teams/Zoom to check in and see how you are doing.
  • If you have registered for a Halls Life Activity Pack and needs to self-isolate, your activity pack will still be delivered to your flat and left outside your door. 
  • The Student Advice and Guidance Team have a range of support options available to you, from Counselling Sessions, to Money Advice. You can see what they have to offer here. 



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