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COVID 19 Guidance for Halls

By sophiebk 17 Dec 2020

There are currently a number of restrictions in place to help tackle Covid 19. In Halls this means:

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What to do if you have a concern 

If someone in your household is not following the rules, in the first instance please try and raise this with them directly. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact your Residential Adviser for support. If a problem persists, your RA will be able to escalate this to your Hall Warden for disciplinary action. It is important to be aware that the University may take disciplinary action or the police and other enforcement officers may issue penalty notices if this is not followed. Any noise concerns in the evening/overnight should be reported to the duty RA, and any concerns in the day to your Hall Reception Team.  

Support Available

Our Wardens and Residential Advisers are on hand to help with any assistance you may require. From being on call over night to provide support, to running check in chats, they are on hand to ensure you are not isolated throughout this period.  If you want to talk to the Duty RA on call overnight, you can find their contact details here.  

Check-in chats are available to all students who are currently in our halls, and take the form of regular groups chats on Teams/Zoom with your RA. They are a friendly and inclusive catch up to see how you are getting on, as well as providing ideas and activities for you to get involved in. If you are currently in a flat by yourself, these check-in chats are also a great way to connect with others across the Hall. If you have not yet participated but are interested to join, you can contact your RA for more details. 

Laundry and post facilities  

There should still be a maximum of 4 students in the laundry room at any one time, you should leave the room during your laundry cycles and come back to collect your items once finished. There will be wipes available to wipe down machines before/after use. When collecting any post and parcels from the reception area, you should wear a face covering at all times. We also ask that you come alone rather than with others when collecting parcels. Where possible, for non-essential deliveries we ask that you look to use alternative delivery options such as Amazon lockers. Please ensure that you use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving all communal spaces.

Getting a test

Tests, whether you have symptoms or not, are available for all University of Liverpool students through the University. The test centres are at the Campus Sports Centre and Greenbank Student Village. Click here for more information and to book a test.

Updated guidance 

Please be aware that all Covid-19 information is subject to change and will be reviewed throughout the year. Keep an eye on your emails and Halls Life to stay up to date with changes, including changes to household guidance. 

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