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How to | Help the environment (Part 2)

By CieraBlogger 29 Aug 2021

The environment is beautiful and important, but it can’t save itself.

You don’t have to be a major activist in order to make meaningful differences which will amount over time. Here are 5 more ways, as a student, that you can start making a positive impact on the world today.

1. Recycle
It takes a moment to choose what bin to put your waste items in but that moment can make all the difference to the environment’s health. In my accommodation, I have a bin in my room as well as an old sturdy shopping bag which I use for recyclable waste. Having two bins makes recycling easy and assists in making it into a habit in your life.

2. Switch to sustainable sanitary products
If you’re comfortable with the idea, there are many more sustainable sanitary product options out there than pads. Sanitary pads contain a lot of plastic which can take up to 400 years to biodegrade! From reusable towels which can be washed to menstrual cups, there might be something out there that suits you.

3. Switch out your plastic straws
Lots of restaurants and takeaway venues have switched from plastic straws to cardboard ones which has greatly helped to reduce plastic waste. Investing in some metal straws is one step that you can take to make this sort of switch in your life too. Metal straws are washable and durable so they will last you a long time.

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4. Make notes on your laptop or tablet
Making your notes electronically will not only save paper but will also make them easier for you to edit and carry around. Just make sure to back up your files to ensure that your work remains safe.

If you’re a person like me who still likes to make some paper notes too, remember that you can always recycle them after you’re finished with them.

5. Use your library
Your library is there to offer you thousands of books so before buying any why not check if you can borrow them for free? There are so many used books out there that to buy them new is almost entirely unnecessary.

If you’re someone who likes to highlight or write annotations in books I recommend looking on second-hand sites such as eBay and Facebook MarketPlace. 

Making changes doesn’t have to be hard. Even if today you decide to be more conscious about only switching off your overhead lights when you go out, each little change can lead to big results.

This blog was created by Ciéra. You can check out her website here!

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